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Exploring St. Maarten and Saint Martin

St. Maarten is the smallest island in the world shared by two nations, France and the Netherlands and is also home to 140 nationalities. This tiny treasure offers an irresistible blend of French, Dutch and Caribbean culture, beaches and water sports, shopping, fine dining and nightlife. Book your stay in St. Maarten choosing your dates in the right.


    Getting to St. Maarten St. Maarten is an important gateway to the Caribbean with direct flights from New York, Miami, Philadelphia, Charlotte, Chicago, Newark, Atlanta and Boston in the United States, San Juan in Puerto Rico, and Toronto, Montreal, Calgary and Halifax in Canada.
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    Simpson Bay Resort & Marina location map The Simpson Bay Resort & Marina is located on St. Maarten, the smallest island in the world to be shared by two nations: The Netherlands (St. Maarten) and France (Saint Martin).

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    General Information of St. Maarten Population: 41,000 people in St. Maarten and 36,000 in Saint Martin. Languages: English is spoken everywhere but Dutch is the official language of St Maarten and French in Saint Martin.
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    Geography of Sint Maarten The island measures 37 square miles, of which 16 square miles is Dutch territory and 21 square miles belongs to French Saint Martin.

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    History of St. Maarten The first inhabitants of St Maarten were Arawaks, a South American tribe from the Amazon Basin that spread north through the Caribbean and settled on the islands.

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    St. Maarten's activities St Maarten and St Martin are duty-free shopping enclaves and visits to the picturesque island capitals - Philipsburg on the Dutch side and Marigot on the French side are de rigueur.
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    Golf & Horseback riding in St. Maarten The island's 18-hole golf course is at Mullet Bay. There are riding stables in the Le Galion beach area. Other activities include walking, mountain biking and zip lining through the forest canopy.
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    Exploring the island of St. Maarten Founded on the shoes of Great Bay in 1763 by John Philips, a Scotsman serving in the Dutch Navy, Philipsburg soon became an important port, a role that it maintains to this day.
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    St. Maarten Beaches St. Maarten has 37 Beaches to Choose From. The island's beaches range from windswept stretches of shoreline to sheltered bays with low sandstone cliffs and swathes of pearly white sand.
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    St. Maarten's water sports If you like water sports then you'll love this island! Get ready for aquatic fun on or below the surface, your options include everything from sailing, sport fishing, snorkeling and diving to water skiing, windsurfing, etc.
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St. Maarten
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