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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the best way to get from the airport to the resort? How much is the cost of the taxi?

    There are several options:
    By taxi (About $15 for couples extra for baggage and added head).
    By renting a car (THRIFTY / PARADISE have a desk both on property and the airport).

  • How long is the drive from the airport to the resort?

    Depending on the hour, it is usually 15 minutes. Please click here to download map.
    There is a bridge on the way to the airport that opens up three times a day to let boats pass:

    During Winter Season (Dec through Apr)
    09:00 - Outbound from the Lagoon
    09:30 - Inbound
    11:00 - Outbound from the Lagoon
    11:30 - Inbound
    16:30 - Outbound from the Lagoon
    17:30 - Inbound

    During Summer Season (May 1 through Nov 30)
    09:30 - Outbound traffic from the Lagoon
    11:30 - Outbound traffic from the Lagoon
    17:30 - Outbound traffic from the Lagoon

    *Subject to change

  • What is the name of the closest international airport?

    The closest international airport is the Princess Juliana Airport.

  • Is there an ATM at the resort?

    Yes, there are ATM's on the resort premises.
    WIB (next to the Red Piano Bar)
    RBTT (across the entrance of the Casino)

  • Non-Smoking Policy

    For the health and comfort of fellow guests, a no smoking policy is part of the official Rules and Regulations.
    Smoking is permitted on the terraces with the sliding doors closed and using the ashtray provided.
    Smoking is strictly prohibited at all times inside the units.

  • Are there BBQs grills available for the guests to use?

    Yes, there are BBQs grills available in the terraces at The Villas at Simpson Bay Resort and in each building at Simpson Bay Resort, Marina & Spa

  • Where are the laundry facilities located?

    Laundry facilities are located on the 3rd Floor at The Villas at Simpson Bay Resort. The tokens are both at the towel booth and Front Desk.

  • Are there information about catamaran dinner trips, renting bikes, and other day trips?

    Yes, please click here for more information

  • Is it neccesary a converter in order to plug in electronic devices?

    The resort has the same power outlets as in the US

  • Are there computer rooms for guests to use?

    Yes, right at the Concierge Office there are computers for guest to use at no charge.

  • Is there free wireless wi-fi in the resort?

    Yes, there is free wireless internet access in all the resort.
    Do you have a laptop with you and need more bandwidth? Call the Front Desk at Ext.5421 or the Concierge Desk at Ext. 777 for more details.

  • Does the resort provide cribs?

    Yes, the resort provides cribs, high chairs and rollaway beds

  • Are there daily activities or tours?

    Please visit Our recommendations.

  • Is there a occupancy schedule?

    Yes, please click here for more information.

  • What is the currency on the Island?

    US dollars are widely accepted in all the island.
    The official currency of Dutch St Maarten is the Netherlands florin or guilder (NAF) and on the French side it is the Euro.
    Prices are usually listed in dollars and the local currency.

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