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Recommended Shopping in St. Maarten

Every square mile of St. Maarten is tax free and duty free.

No duty is paid on any goods coming in or going out. But that's just the half of it. Luxury items cost up to 50% less than in other countries, which is why cruise ships and travelers from around the world leave our shores with oodles of jewelry, fashion, cosmetics, electronics, and more.

Great shopping all along Front Street, and down every side street, prices are quoted in US dollars. Look our recommendations and start saving in your shopping in St. Maarten.

Ama Jewellers St. Maarten
Ama Jewellers Transportation
Diamonds International St. Maarten
Diamonds International
Effy Jewelry
Effy Jewelry
Joe's Jewelry
Joe's Jewelry
Little Europe Jewellers
Little Europe Jewellers
Lord & Hunter St. Maarten
Lord & Hunter Souvenir shop
Orange Grove Pharmacy in St. Maarten
Orange Grove Pharmacy
Shipwreck Shop in St. Maarten
Shipwreck Shops
Splash Jewellers St. Maarten
Splash Jewellers
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