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Requirements to travel

Important Requirements to Travel to St. Maarten

    Update: Effective January 1, 2022, all countries will be classified as very high risk until further notice with Covid-19 test requirements based on the vaccination status:

    - Fully vaccinated with booster shot received. Booster shot should be at least 2 wks. old and not exceed 9 months since administered: no covid-19 test required.

    - Fully vaccinated 18 yrs. and older without booster shot: 48 hrs. rt-PCR or 24 hr. Ag test required.

    - Fully vaccinated older than 5 and younger than 18 yrs. without booster shot: no covid-19 test required.

    - Non -vaccinated: 48 hrs. rt-PCR test required.

    This will only be applicable for travelers vaccinated with the approved vaccines of the RIVM and the WHO organization.

    For further details visit the Government website.

  • The official website for uploading your test results is:

  • A different email address for each EHAS Application form is required. This will prevent issues with each application.

  • Pack a thermometer, due to you will be required to email your temp daily for 14 days after arrival.

  • Please check what tests are available in your area and cross check them with the latest information on
    Take your chosen test within the allotted time frame. (Your entry in St. Maarten will be at risk if you don’t provide your test results).

  • Please check your test results show all required information. The test result should clearly specify the name of the laboratory, test subject name, test date, type of test administered and how the test sample was obtained.
    Typed, written or e-mail statements from doctors or non-laboratories will not be accepted.

  • Print everything out and bring it in paper form, including your email granting pre-approval to travel to St. Maarten.

  • Bring enough masks to last your trip, and pack hand sanitiser in small containers for your flight.

  • Buy Insurance. The purchase of the St. Maarten Visitors Protection Plan Insurance is required for all foreign nationals with the exception of visitors who arrive and leave the same day, crew members and transit/transfer passengers who don't need to recheck their luggage. Effective January 10, 2021, a flat premium of $30 per adult is charged for stays not exceeding 180 days. Children up to & including age 14 are charged a flat premium of $10 for stays not exceeding 180 days. Learn more in